May 20, 2011

Scrabble Sundays: Baby Bear

I know it's not a Sunday but I have missed the past couple so here's a make-up one. I had Papa Bear help take this today as it proved impossible to get this shot myself. Or frustrating at least. He did a wonderful job and I'm proud that he not only got it in focus but got the exact framing I wanted. Way to go baby!

We are now 39 weeks, with only 6 days until his due date. It has been a chaotic last few days with lots of little false alarms here and there. I've had contractions very close together and long a few times now and then after a while they just stop. This little nugget is playing games with me. I wish he'd pick something like Candy Land or Clue instead. This one's not so much fun.

I will have pictures from week 37 and 38 coming soon. A friend of mine from college did maternity pictures of me and I love what I've seen so far! She's awesome! I'll have to share when I get the rest =)

I have also done a few family shoots recently I need to share and I will be posting a tour of my studio on Monday!


Samantha said...

Beautiful photo! I just found out I'm pregant, any advice or stories from when you first found out? I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures!

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