May 24, 2011

My Studio Tour

Let me just start by saying how awesome our current house is. We love it. It has a humongous deck (I totally just giggled writing that #imfiveryearsold) in the backyard. A three car detached garage for a Man Cave. A windmill. That's right, we have a miniature golf windmill in our backyard. It's next to the unfilled koi pond and rustic wagon porch swing. Did I mention our house is awesome? Unfortunately though, we will be moving in 2 months. I have been so lucky to have a wonderful studio space all to myself for the last year and will miss it greatly. Hopefully our new place (when we find it) will have a little corner I can call my own. Sure it won't be the size of a one car garage like this one, and it won't have huge sliding glass doors that provide awesome window light, but that's ok. Before I leave it though I wanted to do a little tour and share my little haven (aka the Lady Hole) with you all.

PS. It already doesn't look like this anymore. It is filled with baby stuff at the moment. Tables have been turned into temporary changing tables. Shelves now house baby books. You get the idea. The sacrifice is most definitely worth it though.  I will enjoy rocking and singing to him in his glider (when it arrives) in this little nook I've called home for the last 10 months.

Bunting from Paper Source.
Owls- vintage, Brother XR-7700 sewing machine from my lovely mother (note to self- put a picture in the frame), doilies from Urban Outfitters, tree stump pin cushion by My Imaginary Boyfriend (awesome name)
Wizard of Oz dolls from McDonald's, big owl bought at Renegade Craft Fair (can't remember artist and not on owl), little owls by Lori Nichols for Night Owl Paper Goods, bow made by me, birdie made my awesome sister-in-law Leah, mug from Urban Outfitters, too many books to name but a lot of Nicholas Sparks, Gregory Maguire, and Stephanie Meyer, photo business books, and fairytale books (I know, I'm super cool). Muppet from my brother Brian (super awesome gift). You can build your own at FAO Schwarz.
From left to right: 
1. yarn, Fuji Instax Mini 7s (love!), bunnies by my friend Sharleen Morco 
2. a Rainbow Brite Sprite (Buddy Blue), monthly journals I think my mom got from Pottery Barn, buttons, lollipop, dinosaur from Michael's 
3. mustache from Paper Source (thanks Deana!), Polaroid land camera J66, owl- vintage, buttons, box of paints 
4. rainbow Polaroid land camera, felt, tissue paper 
5. some of my photo books- favorites include Twilight by Gregory Crewdson, Bodyscapes by Jean-Paul Bourdier, Thin and Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield, Annie Leibovitz at work, a vintage 60's Lee big-eyed artwork (I love his work!),  Holga
6. Owl by one of my favorite shops Skunkboy Creatures, bin is Liberty of London for Target, hot glue gun, cupcake jar from Michael's, felt rose made by me
7. Lion (named Leonard) by Eco Snoopers, fabric, another Polaroid
8. binders from Target, Real Simple filer, washi tape from this shop,  Lomo Fisheye camera,
9. owls were a gift from one of my favorite clients (bought at our local flea market)! 
10. Box of film, lots of markers and coloring utensils, watercolor, Renegade Craft Fair candle, Nikon N55
11. Disney The Art of Up, Mary Blair Alice in Wonderland and The Art and Flair of Mary Blair, Domino The Big Book of Decorating, The Big Ass Book of Crafts, Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories, The Polaroid Book, Holga, The Photo Book, Listography, Design it Yourself, Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, Polaroid Joy Cam
12. Deer artwork by Caitlin Kuhwald
Please excuse the large amount of backdrops and photo equipment in the left corner. I have still yet to figure out a pretty way to store them. Yes, that is a mustache on stick in my paintbrush tin. 
Mannequin bought at a flea market, dress- vintage from Smitten Clothing, grape soda pin (Up! is one of my favorite movies ever!) from Jegas Creations.
I don't play guitar, the boyfriend does, and he let me steal one to learn on one day. Butterfly decals from Target.

2 days left until Baby Bear's due date. It's a good thing I love crafting because I'm on pins and needles over here (lame jokes= awesome distraction).

Please offer up any fun distractions in the comments if you have them!


Kassie said...

I am jealous of this! Amazing!

Deana said...

Such an awesome space! I'm sure its been inspiring for your art.

I was thinking you should talk to your landlord and see if there is a way to negotiate with him/her for you guys to stay there... Just a thought!

Bee said...

This is an amazing and uniquely-you space. It sucks that you guys are leaving but I'm sure you'll make a sweet little nest for yourself even more awesome than this one (is that possible?) wherever you land!

Anne Koski said...

So pretty! And the cubes shelf... Ikea? I am thinking about getting one to house fabric, although my 7-month old *might* enjoy rifling through it often enough to make me insane. Hmm, perhaps something with doors or drawers. Good luck with your almost wee one!

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words about my space! I really love it. It will be sad to leave but it's a chance to decorate a new space!

Anne Koski: Yes the shelves are Ikea Expedit. One of the greatest pieces of furniture ever and such a great price! I really hope we have space for it in our new place, but like you said I will have to move all of the loose and breakable things up so the little mister doesn't get into it when he starts moving. =)

Sara said...

I am jealous!! I DREAM of having my "own" studio! I was planning on finishing a room in my basement, but alas, will need to wait until next year.

Thanks for the shout out with the Grape pin!

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