April 19, 2011

Tell Your Story: A Peek Into My Art Journal

A while ago I took an art journal course by the lovely Elsie and Rachel at Red Velvet Art called "Tell Your Story". I have taken at least six of their courses on different topics and LOVED every one of them! So much fun! This was definitely one of my favorites. I had never created an actual art journal before though I have always loved scrapbooking and collaging. It was such a wonderful experience and something that I will continue to do for a long time. 

Shame on me for not sharing it sooner. Better late than never though right? Here's a peek into my little journal:

(I think I did like four of these things. It was a super busy summer.)
(this is my favorite page. The left page is an actual tissue and I made a little pocket with the tissue for a secret note. )
(I never got the tatoo. I got a beautiful baby boy on the way instead!)
A not-so happy one. The only one in the journal. Don't worry it was just a bad day. Making this definitely made me feel better though.

I hope you all enjoyed a look at my art journal. It's a really wonderful way for creative people to get out some feelings or just make something pretty to remember a moment. Plus it's a lot quicker and less perfect than a scrapbook which I like. You can use all sorts of materials. It's just whatever you are feeling in that moment. If you haven't done it I encourage you to try it. And if you do please share! I'd love to see!

You can find the current e-courses the Red Velvet is offering here. They really are AWESOME!!


Ysabel said...

Your art journal is BEAUTIFUL. I'm currently making a scrapbook and got some little inspiring tips from this blog! :) Thank you for sharing!

Amanda said...

This is beautiful and I LOVE your blog. I discovered you via Offbeat Mama. Your "about me" page makes me think that we were separated at birth!

Your photos are gorgeous. I wish you lived closer so we could afford to hire you!

Lady said...

I heard a saying yesterday, something along the lines of "Days last forever. Years fly by and one day you turn around and ask yourself 'Where did Kindergarten year go?'" I hear a lot of wishing you'd spent more time on things that give you pleasure (toes in the sand, getting lost in a book), make sure to do at least one thing just for you every day, and I think a journal / scrapbook like this is a great way to keep the memories alive!

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