April 12, 2011

Sister-in-Law Love.

I have the most wonderful sisters-in-law. I mean seriously. I am such a lucky girl. All three of them are the sweetest, most crafty, artistic, talented and fun women. Not only am I lucky to have them but so is Baby Bear. All three of them have used their incredible talents to make him the most beautiful gifts!

Leah made him the above pirate sock friend. I absolutely adore sock animals and I just love him so much! He has a giant "S" because his last name begins with an S in case you were wondering. I can't wait to put this little guy in the nursery when we move. Baby Bear is just going to love him!

She also made him this beautiful embroidered hanging:

Isn't that just too cute for words? It says "Ahoy Baby". Oh my, he is going to have the cutest nursery.

She also made me this awesome sign for my studio:

"Lady Hole" is the loving name that my other sister-in-law Kristin came up with for my studio and I love it. I mean they call the garage their "Man Cave". I should get a equally silly, fun, albeit slightly inappropriate, name for my space. She embroidered all of those swirls by hand. Can you believe it? Love it!

Veronica made the most beautiful piece of art for his nursery as well (commissioned by my lovely mom). It's so incredibly beautiful!

Gorgeous right? She's so talented it's ridiculous.

She also made this breathtaking drawing for my father for his birthday (also commissioned by my mom).

That's me and my dad. My dad never takes pictures and somehow my mom talked him into taking this one with me at Veronica and Richie's wedding. It's such a special picture to me and to see it made into such stunning art is wonderful! It really does look exactly like the picture.

Kristin, my newest sister-in-law, has been so sweet to take on the big task of throwing me and Baby Bear a baby shower. She has already put so much work and such wonderful details into the day. I'm so incredibly thankful to have her! She made these awesome baby shower invitations:

Sorry, I had to blur out the details. No shower crashers please =)  They are handmade with different elements. The cutest invitations I've ever seen! I absolutely love them! This one is going in Baby Bear's baby book to treasure forever. I know I will.

I can't wait for the shower. I will have to share lots of photos after it happens at the end of the month. I already put my sweet mom on camera duty.

Have any of you had someone make you something very special recently? I'd love to hear about and link to pictures if you have any.


Carrie Rosalind said...

Oh, all of those gifts are so darling! Your sisters-in-law are super talented! Can't wait to see pics from the shower! :)

Rach x said...

You have received some fantastic gifts! There is definitely a lot of creativity there! :)

jefito said...

You are loved.

Sara said...

So adorable! I LOVE the Ahoy Baby hanging.

Jessica said...

I had a pirate baby shower for my son. It was so awesome. We decorated his room pirate themed and it was so fun to get crafty.

Lady said...

I haven't actually received this yet (as in being able to hold this in my two arms), but my very sweet daughter is making me an adorable Little Baby Bear Pirate!

Ysabel said...

Your little boy is the luckiest baby! These works of art are just so amazing. I hope you have a great time at your baby shower =)

Short Leg Lucy said...

so awesome!!! I love this!

Jennifer said...

Hi Tenley- I tried contacting you through offbeatmama.com but I'm trying to find a better way. I love your photographic style. Do you do weddings? If so I'd love some more info.


Tenley Clark said...

Thanks everyone for the awesome comments! I'm so lucky to have the most amazing sisters-in-law. I'm gad you all liked the sweet things they made him!

Jennifer- I do do weddings. You can contact me at clark.tenley@gmail.com and I would be happy to send over some more information. Also, a big congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!! How exciting! =)

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