January 21, 2013

New Blog!

I am super excited to share my NEW BLOG!! I am too embarrassed to admit how long I have had it without sharing or being able to fully finish it so we will just ignore that part. Please excuse the few links, etc that might not work. I promise I'm working on the few loose ends.

Head on over and check it out (and update your readers). There are a few new posts already waiting for you! I've been sharing my favorite sessions from 2012, including posts of these cute faces:

I won't be updating this blog any longer so please make sure to update your readers, bookmarks, etc. I will be sharing more favorite sessions from 2012 as well as some personal photos I haven't been able to share and new sessions from 2013.

Also, I have finally created a Facebook business page for Tenley Clark Photography. Please head over and like us! It would really make my day =)

November 5, 2012

The Freshest Beats.

Zachary is a BIG fan of the Fresh Beat Band. He LOVES them. It is the only show he watches and he knows and does all of the dance moves and sings along to certain parts. In fact we have seen it so much that we all know the words and dance moves at this point. Sometimes I wish my brain wasn't filled with their music all day long.

I put some of their songs on our iPod and let him listen to them on my headphones the other day. He is either dancing like a maniac, spinning with joy, or zoning out when he hears them. Apparently this day he was in more of a zoning out mood. I took a little bit of video of him that hopefully one day I will have time to put together.

Roxy Lion.

Roxy wanted to join the circus too! =)

November 2, 2012

Circus Lion.

I have had this shoot planned since Zachary was like 6 months. Man, it feels good when you finally put an idea into practice. Even if it doesn't work out how you envisioned it it's nice to get that idea out of your head and make room for new ones. I am one of those people who has too many ideas. Notebooks and notebooks filled with them. The hard part is picking which ones to act on and quieting the others for a moment. Anyone else have this problem?

Anyways, we couldn't figure out what to make Zachary for Halloween. Anyone with a toddler knows that anything with a hat or glasses just wasn't going to happen. And most of our ideas involved a hat or glasses that would stay on his head for two seconds. Thankfully we just happened to have this adorable lion costume that was handed down to us (thanks Deana and Trip!). It was labeled 6-12 months so I didn't think there was a chance he would fit into it since he's into a 2T now (at 17 months). It was tight but it worked. And he kept it on. Hooray! I was just excited for the opportunity to finally do this little shoot.

And if you're wondering what he's looking at. I had to resort to putting on his favorite show to get him to sit for this. I forgot that I become pretty invisible when his buddies, the Fresh Beat Band, are on.

Did any of you or your little ones dress up? What did you guys go as?

October 31, 2012

The Patch.

We took Zachary to the pumpkin patch last week. Here is a little peek into the fun we had. 

note: messy day-after slept-on buns don't work well backlit =)
I'm still amazed he kept a hat on for more than 2 seconds. Amazed and very happy. Thanks mom for the adorable pumpkin hat! 

October 28, 2012

Alley Cat.

I bought Zachary this jacket and immediately knew I had to find an "alley" to photograph him in it.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take some with it unbuttoned since he has a pretty short window for pictures nowadays. His shirt says "seriously handsome" =) (from Carter's). His jacket is Target, pants Old Navy, and shoes are Converse. 

I love this boy.

And yes, I know it has been a while since I have posted. I do so many shoots and take so many pictures. I have gotten so backed up on blogging because of that and when I finally sit to do a blog I don't even know where to begin. It can be a bit overwhelming. But because I had to start sometime and with something, I started with these. Just because they make me smile.